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Living at home as long as possible is the wish of the majority of Quebecers. With an aging population, it is imperative to maximize and publicize the offer of services for seniors and the proposals in this regard.

Housing and Living Environments

The housing crisis greatly affects seniors. The shortage of affordable and community-based housing is an ongoing issue. The different living environments have distinct characteristics according to the needs and particularities of each.


Elder abuse includes physical, psychological, sexual, material/financial and organizational abuse, as well as ageism and violation of rights. Abuse can take the form of violent or neglectful behaviors and can occur in a variety of settings where there is a relationship of trust.


Transport has a direct impact on many levels for seniors. The different modes of transportation allow them to access services such as health care, food security and social participation.

Informal or Family Caregivers

The informal or family caregiver provides support to one or more members of his or her entourage who have a temporary or permanent disability of a physical, psychological, psychosocial or other nature, regardless of their age or living environment, with whom he or she shares an emotional, family or other bond.

Other files

This section includes references in the form of portraits, statistics and guides on various topics affecting seniors.

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